How To Rock Your Look

Posted September 10, 2019




Taz from Las Vegas, USA, loves shopping for the latest Desi looks and ever since she first started shopping at VIVA-LUXE a several years ago, she's just kept coming back. But what wows us, is that every time Taz sends us images she looks like one our models! Finding sassy and sexy locations to take her snaps! She's really giving us all lessons on how to rock our look!

Burgundy & Floral Lehenga


This time the gorgeous Burgundy & Floral Lehenga caught her eye with its fabulous sequin detailing and was one of the several outfits that she ordered from us for a wedding.


VIVA-LUXE Measurement Guide


Our stylists kicked started this creation by sending Taz our easy-to-follow photo measurement guide. It shows, simply how and where to take each measure. And whilst it's really simple, if you're ever unsure about anything our team is always on call to help out too. 


Once the lehenga was complete, we ran our critical quality checks. Every outfit goes through a 30-point check for quality, fit and finish ensuring that every outfit is made to our very high standards. And here's her finished look, set against a Nevada back drop!


Here's what Taz had to say: 


"I've bought from you many, many times and I love ALL your outfits!"


It is always a pleasure serving you Taz!


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