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Posted September 11, 2019

VIVA-LUXE customer


Ashima from, Victoria, Australia has shopped a few outfits with VIVA-LUXE. Being from Australia, she struggles with getting a great range of styles - and also free international shipping really helps her. After shopping at different physical shops and online stores throughout her life, Ashima shopped online with VIVA-LUXE and has never looked back!  

This time she bought this subtle but sophisticated Pistachio Green Butti Lehenga.  Because Ashima has bought with us many times, she knew the drill. We send every customer an easy-to-follow VIVA-LUXE Photo Measurement Guide, like the one below to download and complete.

VIVA-LUXE Measurement Guide

It outlines, in simple steps how and where to take each measure for the perfect fit. Ashima had already completed this previously for herself, so our friendly fashion gurus went to work, double checking that every measurement was still correct and checking in with Ashima on any missing measures for this particular cut and style. 

Before Ashima could get her hands on her customised designer outfit it has to be quality checked, to ensure it is the perfect fit for her.   Every outfit goes through a 30-point check for quality, fit and finish ensuring that every outfit is made to our very high standards based on the measures given and matches what we advertise online.

And here's the result! Doesn't she look as pretty as a princess? We love how she's kept the jewellery really light and simple for a fresh and young look. 

Here's what Ashima had to say:


"Finally got the opportunity to wear my gorgeous Lehenga! 

Thank you again. I love it" 


- Ashima, September 2019

was a pleasure helping you again Ashima!

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