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Posted March 26, 2019

VIVALUXE customer review



Farrah from Edinburgh, Scotland, bought this Yellow Floral Embroidered Gown along with two other outfits, because every girl needs options in her wardrobe for special dinners as well as weddings and parties! 



VIVA-LUXE Customer Reviews


She browsed for the best style for her online, and bought just like she would any grocery, by a making a few clicks. Once she placed her order she got an email sent to her inbox with an easy-to-follow VIVA-LUXE Photo Measurement Guide, below, to complete. It outlines in simple steps how and where to take each measure for the perfect fit.


VIVA-LUXE Photo Measurements Guide

The guide comes with simple instructions to help you get measuring right.

Our friendly fashion gurus looked over Farrah's measures to make sure they were correct. A few weeks on, after the team had finishing hand stitching every last element, our Quality Control team passed her gown through our critical quality checks.




Every outfit goes through a 30-point check for quality, fit and finish ensuring that every outfit is made to our very high standards based on the measures given and matches what we advertise online.   



Here's what Farrah had to say:

"Wore one of the outfits [I bought] yesterday for Nowruz (Persian New Year Celebration) and got loads of compliments. I was skeptical about the fitting because of buying clothes from many places online and only sometimes getting the right fit. However, this was perfect. No additional alterations required. Will definitely be purchasing from y’all again. :) "

- Farrah, March 2019


It was a pleasure helping you Farrah!
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