Bollywood Dancers Get Big Applause

Posted October 06, 2018

Bollywood Dance Outfits



Vismaya and Mibi are students at the University of Hertfordshire and love to dance. They also love to look great, (don't we all?) So when it came to needing outfits for their TWENTY ONE...yes, 21 strong Bollywood dance troupe, they didn't want to compromise. They needed gorgeous outfits, that all matched but were specifically designed to allow them to move and wow the crowds - for both the guys an the girls.


Bollywood Dance Squad Outfits

So our stylists got on the phone to them and got to work; here's the result!


Getting the measurements for 21 men and women was made easier by the fact that our easy-to-follow VIVA-LUXE Photo Measurement Guide outlines in simple steps how and where to take each measure.  


VIVA-LUXE Photo Measurements Guide


Our stylists helped double check each of the measures, making sure they looked right for the frame and height of each dancer before we kick-started the making of the bespoke outfits from scratch.


 Bollywood Dance Outfits


A few weeks on, our Quality Control teams passed the outfit through our critical quality checks. Every outfit goes through a 30-point check for quality, fit and finish ensuring that every outfit is made to our very high standards based on the measures given at the time. 

Quality at VIVALUXE

Here's what Vismaya had to say: 

I placed a custom order for 21 people (boys and girls) from VIVA-LUXE. We were so happy with the response rate as well as the commitment each member of staff whom we contacted with had! The team were considerate in helping us find the designer who could meet with our budget and helped us with amazing suggestions on how we could customize the look and yet still feel comfortable I’m it as it was for a dance performance! Overall the experience was amazing and we would definitely buy from them again and would recommend their service and product to EVERYONE!"
-Vismaya, June 2018

Bollywood Dance Squad
It was a pleasure serving your Dance Troop!
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