What to Wear for a Mehendhi Ceremony

Posted November 13, 2017

Your bestie's getting married - Yaay! You have NO idea what to wear - BOO!

Never fear, that's what we're here for.  

From how to rock prints, mastering fusion wear, what to wear at your sangeet and many more, we're with you every step of the way so you'll be turning heads for the right reasons!  


Here are your 3 golden rules for Mehendi night outfit success!


 1. Fuss Free Silhouettes 


Mehendhi ceremonies usually have a lot of activity. From picking your bangles to having your arms and feet adorned. In this case you want to be free from unnecessary flounce or fabrics. Whatever you choose, make sure you an move freely it.


VIVA-LUXE What to wear at a Mehendhi


This Anita Dongre sleeveless lehenga is a good option if you want to apply some temporary tatts to your tootsies. 



VIVA-LUXE What to wear at a Mehendhi


Get ready to shimmy in this easy to wear wrap dress for ultimate flow and freedom



VIVA-LUXE What to wear at a Mehendhi


The Karma range, as modelled by Shilpa Shetty combines beautiful fabrics with timeless silhouettes.



VIVA-LUXE What to wear at a Mehendhi


You don't have to go traditional if that's not you. This fusion mirror suit with dhoti style skirt would suite in to any event.  




2. Earthy Tones 


VIVA-LUXE What to wear at a Mehendhi


Earthy tones go down a treat at Mehendhi nights. Anything from burgundy to mustard to greens. Yum...


VIVA-LUXE What to wear at a Mehendhi


This gorgeous outfit combines 2 golden rules, a fuss free silhouette in an earthy, dusky green - perfection! 



VIVA-LUXE What to wear at a Mehendhi


This Preeti S Kapoor mustard wrap dress is both easy to wear, timeless and the perfect colour. The borders have intricate geometric mehendhi designs in it too making it a classic choice you can wear again and again.



VIVA-LUXE Client -  What to wear at a Mehendhi


VIVA-LUXE customer Princy wore this custom made orange ensemble to her recent Mehendi function with total success!


3. Vibrant Colours 


For the bold and the beautiful, the Mehendhi night is the one night that you can flaunt your inner peacock and adorn every colour in the rainbow without fear of out doing the bride (because this is the one night the bride traditionally 'get's off' to be a bit more dress down)!


VIVA-LUXE What to wear at a Mehendhi


This 3 piece crepe Designer suit by Preeti S Kapoor is a perfect first foray for those uninitiated to colour.


.VIVA-LUXE What to wear at a Mehendhi


For the divas out there who've got this licked, why not go wild with these slinky, silky Designer silk sarees with matching blouses. Keep the accessories simple and small. These sarees do all the talking for you.


VIbrant Colours at VIVA-LUXE


So there you have it! Your 3 golden rules for dressing for success at your next Mehendhi party. And the unwritten golden rule? Dress for your personality. Whether you love making a dramatic statement or are more traditional, comfort oriented or a fusion feline, you know what looks good on you and what makes you feel great. So find your style and always, always get made to measure custom wear. Because if it fits perfectly, you'll feel like a million dollars no matter how expensive or inexpensive the outfit.  


Happy Shopping!