Style Has No Size- #Iamsizesexy

Posted August 24, 2017

If life’s thrown you curves - OWN THEM!  As London Fashion Week gets into gear, we're reminded that once again than fashion has the power to both perpetuate and push the boundaries of acceptable beauty. This week will once again throw the spotlight on the 'size 0' debate. Only recently a plus size Fashion Blogger was scathed with criticism after being featured on VOGUE Online posing in a bikini, but we say #PlusIsEqual (or at least should be) in both the West and in Bollywood circles. 




These buxom beauties couldn't CURVE-LESS as they set tongues wagging and the ramp on fire and remind us that style has no size!  So let’s take this opportunity to celebrate our shapes and the Desi ladies that have been modelling how to rock those curves!


Vidya Balan


Vidya Balan shows us how to rock old school glamour and curves in ‘The Dirty Picture’


Fashion magazines, industries and opinion formers all over the globe are making well overdue progress in this area and one key Desi platform is Lakme Fashion Week where brands are starting to rightly embrace size diversity. While the shows with bigger models still represents only a small portion of those staged, the shift towards runways realism is refreshing and a long time coming.


Sonakshi Sinha


Voluptuous Sonakshi Sinha rages it at Rajguru Rise Fashion Event 2013 


So just how is the Fashion Industry redressing the balance? The beauty & fashion industry has targeted the “straight sized’’ woman for so long that somehow the need for other sizes has become irrelevant (and, invisible). It’s a breath of fresh air to see brands becoming more inclusive and embracing a body diversity that endorses that fashion is for everyone, but that also promotes that fashion and beauty both go beyond size!


Huma Qureshi


Huma Qureshi looks drop dead gorgeous at the India Couture Week 2014 as she owns the ramp flaunting her curves with confidence


Influential trendsetters today are making bold statements and are carefully curating a community that reaffirms self-worth and self-confidence and reminds us that fashion comes in all shapes and sizes. Runway models are more realistic and fashion is no longer a long-lost dream that is unattainable.


Sonakshi Sinha


Curvaceous Sonakshi Sinha bedazzles the ramp for Manish Malhotra


There are those however, who feel that promoting medically overweight models is equally problematic, as it supports an equally unhealthy lifestyle.




Sassy Priya Todarwal celebrates her curves for Masaba Gupta 2017 


On balance though, we think it’s about time there was some other ways of life acceptable as ‘OK’. We’ve been quick to picture a thin and picture perfect woman as the ultimate fashion diva and quicker to judge our own shape and size, so we’re all in favour that the world’s changing…we’re moving away from the stigma of being an “average” body size [the average woman’s size in the UK is size 16!] and shifting the focus on being a size HEALTHY.




Bold and brazen, Priya Todarwal giving us fashion goals in Masaba Gupta 2017 






Everything on VIVA-LUXE is made to measure, regardless of size, so you can strut your stuff with confidence.


We all want to look and feel like supermodels sometimes. We all desire to dress up and be our own fashionistas and style gurus but why define who or what a supermodel should be or look like?



We’re mad about that hour glass on ‘MAD MEN’



It’s truly about time that today’s society includes all females of all sizes and what a fantastic message to be sending the young girls- that it’s fine to be CURVY, it’s acceptable to wear what you want and love yourself because we are all unique! Women have curves and we’re proud of them!




Image credits:

VIVA-LUXE, Instagram, Lakme, Google Images