Online Sarees? Everything you need to know before you buy

Posted February 12, 2017

Online Shopping

When it comes to shopping for groceries online, you’re a pro, but buying a saree, lehenga or anarkali online? Surely that’s a whole different ball game? Well yes, and no.

There are a few things to look out for thatll make the whole thing so smooth that you’ll wonder why you ever bothered changing out of your PJs to go out in the cold.

So here are our top 5 tips to getting online saree shopping (or any Asian clothes shopping for that matter), perfect - every time!


1. Find the right shopping site: 


Find the right shopping buddy:


It’s always nice to go shopping with someone you trust and it’s never been truer for online shopping. Find a professional company that gives you confidence that if anything does go wrong, they’ll be there for you to make things right again. Some things you should always check:

    • Test their customer service – do they reply to your emails quickly? Do they offer to talk on the phone if you need to no matter which country you’re in?

    • What's their return policy? Most online retailers do not allow any type of compensation or return for made-to-measure products. Work with somebody who will make it right if things go wrong.

    • Ask for a deal! Many sites offer a discount by simply subscribing to a newsletter (usually around 10%) so check if this is an option.

    •  Ask for free shipping! Many retailers will offer this, if you ask - as they know you are about to buy and don't want to lose the sale.

    • Ensure the perfect fit  - The best retailers will guarantee the fit, or your money back. Ask if they will return/exchange if your item does not fit you perfectly.


2. Begin searching for the ‘ONE’

So you’ve got your wing man in tow, now you’re ready to find THE ONE. That one, stop you in your tracks, made you look, made you stare piece of designer wear. And that’s the key, whilst we all love a bargain, nobody wants a cheapone night stand’, here today and gone tomorrow. If the price looks too good to be true – it probably is! So look out for indicators of quality when you’re choosing your outfit so that stands the test of time:


 Begin searching for the ‘ONE’


Fabric: All good websites tell you what material your saree or outfit is made of. If they don’t be wary, you don’t know whether what you’re buying really is good value or genuine for that matter. Look out for quality fabrics like silk, georgette, soft net and cottons that will last and wear well. This is especially true for sarees - a good thread will help your saree drape effortlessly and give you a slimming silhouette.




Stylishly unique: With all the new design techniques out there now, everyone deserves to have something unique and bespoke made for them.

Designer ranges try and design unique looks and because online stores can stock more than a traditional shop and update them more regularly, you’ll get more choice of all the latest looks rather than just the usual bit of gold embroidery detailing.

Look out for distinctive details that are going to make your outfit stand out from the crowd, hundreds of applique flowers maybe, or a one-shoulder kaftan, or criss-cross back. Often the make or break of a piece is down to the craftsmanship of the embellishment, you’ll pay a premium for hand-embroidery vs. machine embroidery or print, but it’s worth it.  Whatever it is, enjoy the search, that’s half the fun!  


 Stylishly unique


3.Get a second opinion

Once you’ve found the ‘special one’, it’s obligatory to show them off to your mates right? Who knows you better than your friends. Ping them on whastapp, email and get a final opinion.

The beauty of online shopping is that you can ‘window shop’ for as long as you like without being harassed by an over-zealous shop assistant keen to make her monthly commission. So browse at your leisure, share the link, ask for your friends opinions, after all a ladies inner sanctum is usually her safety net for life for good reason.


packing clothes for posting




Fairy tale endings


5. Happy ever after

Given you’ve spent such a lot of time finding a site that you love, keep in touch with them so that you can save the effort starting from scratch again next wedding season. Like their Facebook or Instagram page and get on their email list to be the first to know about their new ranges.

If you’ve had a great experience, write them a public review, as companies (much like humans) tend to want to return the favour next time you shop with them.


And that’s it – not so scary after all right? Browse anywhere, anytime, on any device - you can feed your shopping addiction at every turn. So go forth and surf!