Your Guide To Destination Wedding Dressing Success

Posted July 21, 2016

Zohra Alam at VIVA-LUXE

Weddings are a whole heap of fun, romance and partying... and while they’re bound to be a blast, there’s one thing that every woman dreads about being a guest at the wedding – what am I going to wear? None more so than when you’re heading to a destination wedding abroad. That heat, that sand, that sun, that seaside breeze?! Different holiday wedding destinations offer different challenges, but here are some common problems you may be up against, and how to solve them (whilst still looking and feeling fabulous, darling).


Destination Disaster #1: But it's too hot to wear a saree!

If you’re heading to a summer wedding this year, then you’re probably on the verge of breaking into hives just thinking about wearing a saree for an extended period in the heat. What you need is a game plan – and the right saree.


Papa Don't Preach - Easy To Wear Palm Print Saree

If you’re headed for tropical climes, or you just want to look smokin’ hot without being, you know, actually hot, then this Papa Don’t Preach palm print saree is an easy choice.

 Easy to wear palm print saree


The brightly colored pattern and embroidered touches are fabulously formal, and the silk blend material drapes beautifully, even when the humidity starts to rise.  


Papa Don't Preach - Easy To Wear Paisley Blue Saree

If you’re looking to find a saree that’s quirky and a bit more conservative, while still being hot weather bearable, then this number in a blue paisley print should be a contender.


Papa Don't Preach Easy To Wear Saree 

There are several unique components to this saree, with it's shell embellished halter neck and checker print leggings.  You’ll catch everybody’s eye with this look, without having to be bogged down with an ensemble that offers weighty details. The light shades in the saree will also help to keep you cool.


Destination Disaster #2: It’s going to be windy!

If you’re near the sea or even on that roof top bar, choose your wedding outfit wisely. The last thing you want is to pick something fussy – or delicate – only to have it constantly knocked off kilter, or ruined at the hands of rogue breezes. You really need to be looking for outfits that have some weight to them, or ones that can be easily secured.


Zohra Alam – Mint & Floral Silk Suit

This mint-colored, floral print silk suit has Asian undertones and is going to keep you covered and fabulous at a windy wedding. The mint green paired with the deep, lush burgundy is an unexpected colour combination that totally works. It’s loose fitting and provides full coverage – so it’s definitely not going to fly away.


Mint and Floral Suit


Reeti Arneja  – Sunflower Lehenga

This concept lehenga, as worn below by Bollywood's Rakul Preet is made of heavy raw silk and with no dupatta it offers a bit more bling without the fuss. The colour combo and cut is to die for and the skirt comes with a tulle underlay that will keep the skirt in place and you covered, even when a strong breeze hits.

 Rakul Preet in Reeti Arneja


Destination Disaster #3: Need to avoid tan lines?

Tan lines aren’t a good look on anyone, but they can be pretty tough to avoid if the bride and groom have planned their special day in the 'Great Outdoors'. For sure wear some sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays, but when it comes to your ensemble, the solution is simple – go strapless.


Zohra Alam – Chequered Silk Saree

This look is definitely unique, and not for the faint of heart. It takes someone with some serious personal style and confidence to really rock this look. The strapless top comes in a stunning bronze shade with sequin details so you’ll be able to ‘bare’ your arms and shoulders and avoid those pesky tan lines, and the saree comes in an eclectic checker print with some artful touches and bright colours.

 Zohra Alam



Monikaa’s Aura – Baby Pink Cape Dress

So maybe you want to protect yourself from tan lines, but you want a look that’s a bit more conservative. That’s okay – we hear you! Strapless tops are not for everyone, and there are other options. Take this beautiful baby pink cape dress, for example.

 Baby Cape Dress


The sheer fabric will keep you cool, the colour is flattering on most skin tones, and the cape detail will make sure that if you get a tan, it will be even – yay for no tan lines! And with the stunning silver striped sequin detailing, no one will even notice if your shoulders get a bit of colour during the wedding ceremony.


Destination Disaster #4: Help! I need to move easily.

Sometimes, the heat's not a problem, it's simply those weddings with lots of interaction, or even better, games! Here are some great wedding options that you'll be free and easy in.


Sapana Amin – Teal Floral Anarkali Suit

This brightly colored suit is perfect for a summer outdoor wedding with its flowing design, and floral pattern. This piece offers really unique criss-cross shoulder straps for visual interest, and cinches your waist in all the right places, so you'll look your best throughout the day.


Sapana Amin


Sapana Amin 


Monikaa's Aura – Mirror Dhoti Suit

This stunning navy number is light, yet promises to draw attention with its mirrored bodice area. This suit also has the added advantage of being short enough to walk or dance the night away in.

 Monikaa's Aura


Problem #5: It's an Indo-Western wedding. What are my options?

If you’re heading to a wedding that’s going to have an ‘east meets west’ vibe then you need to make sure that you’re ensemble reflects that. But this is the exciting part and gives you the opportunity to really branch out and try quirky pieces that pair traditional elements with the cutting edge in fashion. Here are our suggestions.


Papa Don’t Preach – Embroidered Jacket & Dhoti Set

When it comes to an Indo-western wedding, it’s all about blending traditional elements and hand work with bright pops of colour and tailored cuts and this set fits the bill. This look offers a modern peplum jacket with plenty of embellishment and a traditional dhoti skirt. Pair it with some bright bangles, and you’ll be ready to head out the door.


Embroidered Jacket Suit


Payal Singhal – Aleya Trouser Suit

This look screams ‘modern woman that knows what she’s doing.’ With the neutral colour, modest embellishment and clean lines, the traditional elements of this garment blend beautifully into a look that is perfect for an Indo-western celebration.

 Payal Singhal


Consider adding a pop of colour to break up the neutral tones, and really wow everyone around.


So those are our top tips to make this summer's destination wedding dressing a breeze. All that's left to say is - BON VOYAGE!