10 Instagram Style Stars You Need To Follow

Posted February 21, 2016

Kendall Jenner VIVALUXE Blog

Forget that high fashion magazine this month. Your real dose of fashion inspiration is already in your hand, on your phone, on an app you know as Instagram. Telling yourself that you don’t scroll through it as soon as you crack your eyes open in the morning is a lie. And when it comes to deciding what to wear, a simple ‘#ootd’ gives you an infinite scroll of options. So of course, while you’re at it, make sure these names are on your feed – it’s a great way to give your own style a boost!



  1. Sonam Kapoor (@SonamKapoor)

She’s an actress, but more than her movies, it’s her clothes some of us get more excited to see. She wears luxury labels like a pro and her account is an absolute style treat.


 Sonam Kapoor VIVALUXE blog


  1. Athiya Shetty

As luxurious as Sonam Kapoor’s Instagram is, Athiya Shetty’s is high street. From H&M, Zara and Forever 21, you’ll see Suniel Shetty's daughter sporting things you’ve seen in your own closet.


 Athiya Shetty VIVALUXE Blog



  1. Rihanna (@BadGalRiri)

They say Rihanna’s Instagram is more influential than Vogue. And why not? She puts up a mix of edgy, cool and evocative photos that no one would be able to pull off but her. It’s no wonder we can’t stop double tapping.





  1. Kendall Jenner (@KendallJenner)

Fronting the recent 'Mango' advertising campaign, model of the moment Kendall Jenner’s known to get paid over $150,000 per photo she posts. Why? Because she’s real, accessible and her style is something millions of people look up to. 


Kendall Jenner Blog



  1. Rahul Khanna (@MrKhanna)

You can tell that Rahul Khanna puts in a lot of thought into what he posts on Instagram. And such people are always great to follow. He might not have a lot of tips for the girls, but if you have a boyfriend, here’s what you need to show him as outfit inspiration.


Rahul Khanna VIVALUXE Blog


  1. Allia Al Rufai (@AlliaAlRufai)

She’s a stylist to the stars and everything from her pajamas to morning breakfast plate has stylish written all over it. Oh, and her daily outfit posts only reaffirm her styling chops.


Allia Al Rufai VIVALUXE Blog



  1. Eva Chen (@EvaChen212)

Ever heard of the #EvaChenPose? She’s the Fashion Director of well, Instagram, so obviously her name is on this list, and for good reason. She attends fashion events, styles shoots and even dresses her toddler while being dressed to perfection.


 Eva Chen VIVALUXE blog



  1. Alexa Chung (@ChungAlexa)

She’s a model, editor and you could just go ahead and add fashion girl to her resume. The name on everyone’s lips when it comes to street style and just about anything fashion is Alexa Chung – one look at her profile and you’ll see why.


 Alexa Cheung VIVALUXE Blog



  1. Masaba Gupta (@MasabaGupta)

Designer by profession, Masaba Gupta recently won an award for being a Social Media Star. Her signature curvy figure and curly locks make her unique; her sense of style is just the cherry on top.


Masaba VIVALUXE Blog



10. Cara Delevingne (@CaraDelevingne)

Before you cry foul, Cara Delevingne is no longer a model. She gave up that job to concentrate on her acting skills but thankfully for us, she didn’t leave that model style behind. Badass and beyond cool, Cara’s account is something you shouldn’t miss.



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Image credits: Instagram, VOGUE.COM