Model Behaviour

Posted December 05, 2015

Modeling. It's a tough business for anyone trying to start out - especially so if you're a an Asian model. Your work is often limited, we don't always meet the minimum height requirements needed & not to mention battling to break free from stereotypes that academia is the only route to success! So we talked to 3 super women who are bucking the trend & making some shapes in the modeling world!





How I got into modeling:

After years of procrastination & numerous applications [a Lenis] modeling scout found me.


How I got the job:

By being myself, bubbly & witty. Being approachable really does go far within the industry.


 How to Make it as a Model


My typical modeling day:

Consists of waking up early usually around 6 am, showering & getting ready by 7am & leaving my house for castings or jobs. I usually get a morning hot chocolate on the way into London.

When I’m not modeling I’m...

Sleeping, socialising or working on personal projects.

My most memorable modeling moment:

Seeing my face plastered all around the underground & Heathrow Terminal 2!


heathrow t2


The worst part of my job:

Definitely has to be the rejection. No matter how good or confident you are sometimes you just don't fit the part & while no casting director is directly horrible or nasty, hearing you've been unsuccessful on that occasion has always & will always sting...


The best part of my job:

Getting to meet lots of interesting people with creative & innovative minds. Oh & after a long shoot the first thing I do is run a hot bath, theres nothing better than removing your makeup & detangling your hair in a hot bath, BEST thing EVER!!





TMP model  

How I got into modeling:

Back in sixth form I would pose for friends media & A-level photography projects. I used to love it! I always knew I wanted to model.


My alarm goes off…

2pm. (If I'm not working) otherwise God knows! 

How I got the job:

By getting together a portfolio & having a good social media platform.



My typical modeling day:

Wake up. Brush teeth. Rush because I'm running late, grab banana, get the tube to wherever - somewhere far usually :(  then prep face by using face wipes & moisturiser on the tube.


When I’m not modeling I’m:

Dancing everywhere, acting everywhere & singing in a band. 


My most memorable modeling moment

I was a hand model for Selfridges recently & I was wearing over 1 million pounds of Cartier jewellery on my hands! They had 2 security guards on set for the  jewellery! So epic.



The worst part of my job.

Getting hungry throughout the day & not being able to have breaks for food! 


The best part of my job:

Seeing the end result. When you get the pictures back or the clips back & you're like 'yaaaas' I love it!




After a long shoot the first thing I do is...

FACE WIPE EVERYTHING OFF. Wash my face. Wash it again. And maybe even again. I love the feeling of a fresh face!





How I got into modeling:

It actually happened really randomly for me. I was in a Bhangra group & we were approached to do a music video. Unfortunately we couldn’t make the shoot but the artist asked me if I wanted to be the lead girl in his next video. At first I thought ‘what?! Me? No way!’ People said to go for it & to enjoy the experience so I did & it carried on from there. 




My alarm goes off…

usually around 7am during the week. I normally start the day with the gym at 7.30am & even when I’m super tired I have an amazing gym buddy who makes sure I get out of bed! I love sleep so when nothing’s going on I’m all about not setting an alarm at all.


How I got the job…

There’s such an array of amazing models out there so it’s always nice to know someone’s chosen to work with me. I have a good work ethic & am professional so I think that contributes to me getting work. It also helps to be part of a great agency who are really supportive & encouraging. 


  TMP model in Khush


My typical modeling day…

It usually starts pretty early as there are quite a few looks to get through. I’m only 5’2” so I don’t really do catwalk although I have done a few shows (thanks to heels for making me look taller!) The good thing about modeling is that it’s quite varied. One minute you can be an Asian Bride & the next sporting quirky high fashion clothes. A lot of it consists of beauty shoots. Along side that I do fashion shoots, music videos, magazine shoots, training academies & exhibitions. 


When I’m not modeling I’m…

Acting or studying. I’m currently studying Law but aside from that I do acting. Thanks to TMP I had a part in a recent Bollywood film [Tevar] as well as a Telugu film and the lead in a short British film. I also love to travel, something I’m definitely prioritising.




My most memorable modeling moment…

There’s too many to choose from! I’m a really indecisive person!  I’ve had some amazing experiences & I think each one has taught me something different.


The worst part of my job…

Definitely my height. Being short in the modelling industry sometimes comes with its restrictions unfortunately! Although I’ve been really lucky to have been given so many opportunities there are times when I wish I’d been a bit taller. 


The best part of my job…

It sounds kinda cheesy & cliche but the whole experience. From meeting so many amazingly talented people to being able to do something I love. It’s such a varied industry & there are always fresh concepts & varied jobs that it’s always new & interesting.




After a long shoot the first thing I do is…

Usually take my make up off. Photo shoot make up can be pretty heavy so that it shows up on camera & I generally don’t wear make up on a daily basis to allow my skin to breathe so after a long shoot the feeling of taking off lashes & layers of make up is pretty refreshing! 



Credits: Our thanks goes to TMP Agency; the premier modelling agency for Asian models in Europe. Since 2007 TMP's remit has been to get Asian models into the mainstream & boasts a client list from Panasonic, Apple, Playstation, National Lottery, BBC & many more.