EXCLUSIVE: '25 Kille' Film Stars on Indian Fashion & How They Keep Looking Amazing!

Posted August 05, 2016

25 kille

The heavy weights of Bollywood have got behind one of punjabi cinema's biggest launches this year in the upcoming hit film - '25 Kille' starring Ranjha Vikram Singh and the beautiful Sonia Mann.  

With the likes of Juhi Chawla, Jaqueline Fernande,and Shilpa Shetty (amongst many others) all tweeting positive vibes, it is sure to  become this summer's "sure, sharp, super hit!"


25 Kille


It's an action packed tale about the very roots of Punjab life; family, feuds, fantastic music, clandestine flirting and land. We caught up with 2 of their dashing stars Sonia Mann and Ranjha Vikram Singh on looking good! 


So how would you both describe your style?

Sonia: For me I love Pakistani suits. I love wearing long kurtas and shalwars. I'm punjabi after all! It's just about being comfortable. I love Zara clothes for that. In Indian Designers I love Satya Paul but Sabyasachi is the ultimate for me. I'm very fond of his ethnic wear, the work, the embroidery and just the different styles of clothes. One of my favourites this year was this lilac Tarun Tahiliani saree that I wore for one of my Telugu movie music launches. 


Sonia Mann Wears Tarun Tahiliani

Sonia Wears Tarun Tahiliani


Sonia Mann

Ranjha: Yes she loves these airy (see through) sarees, haha - joke!


Sonia: Sarees just suit my shape! They're perfect for these South indian films that I do, since that style is popular there and honestly I find them reallly comfortable - but it does help that my hairdresser helps put it on me and she's a whizz at these things.  My style in "25 Kille" is very simple. Just kurtas and jeans as I'm supposed to be a reporter.

Ranja Vikram Singh

: I'm not big into Designer names, except maybe the odd Armani suit or Diesel jeans. Zara Man is perfect because it's stylish yet comfortable and you ONLY get boat neck tees there! And they really suit me ;) Advice for others, your personal style should be carried with the right attitude 
- "a man that doesn’t listen to anybody, one that does what ever he wants. A confident person".

Ranjha Vikram and Sonia Mann


In the film I'm not really wearing ethnic clothes but when I wear indian clothes it looks great on me (if I do say so myself!) Pathaan suits, kurtas you name it! And you guys out there that don't wear this stuff - WEAR IT! Women are going to get after you for sure if you do.


Sonia: For SURE! I really love a guy wearing a white colour kurta pyjama. It's so hot! All guys look so good in it – message to all Desi and Punjabi munda please wear this always!


Sonia Mann Ranjha Vikram Singh

 Ranjha and Sonia comparing their guns!


The movie industry is ruthless for analysing your looks.

How do you keep in shape?


Ranjha: I've been gymming for many years now BUT – I have no diet control – no protein shakes or all these supplements. I'm a very desi boy, a Jhatt type, you know? I don’t like all this drama with supplements. I eat desi ghee every single day and that's the way it is.


Sonia Mann 


Sonia: Oh my god! I have to eat healthy food as I am Punjabi so I easily put on weight. I mean I eat everything but in control. So I drink lots of green tea and try to eat healthily and in control otherwise.....! 


Sonia Mann and Ranjha Vikram Singh


Last but not least, tell us a little about the Film, "25 Kille".


Ranjha: It's about Punjabi life – Punjabis are all about relationships with family, bonding together, the land. Punjabis have the best laughter they make everyone laugh and enjoy life to the max. This is a true desi family film for the summer. We're not into going for a sad film. We want the audience to connect with the family on screen and just have a great adventure, full of humour and a good story with fantastic music.


There's great chemistry in the songs and scenes. A girl when she stubbles into your life she can either make you or break you – and in this case she’s a big supporter.


** Watch 25 Kille this Summer - releasing Worldwide 25 August **