Top 10 at Amazon India Fashion Week

Posted March 30, 2015

India's top designers grace Delhi for AIFW

From sarees to lehengas, to trouser suits, gowns and kameez - and everything laced with feathers, frills, fluff and everything in between - this time of year is always enough to send any fashion-freak worth her weight into a spin and 2015 has NOT disappointed! Hot on the heels of Mumbai's mega Lakme Fashion Week, New Delhi hosted Amazon India Fashion Week A/W 15 last week and the couture capital of India did so with style and sass. Here are our top 10 drool-worthy designs that we just had to share with you too, enjoy!   



  1. Rajesh Pratap’s Jacket and Skirt Set – Medicine! Whoever thought that nurses, hospitals and medicine wouldn’t be able to contribute to an absolutely delightful runway show are all WRONG as Rajesh Pratap proved! We love this structured all black jacket and skirt set adorned with a matching nurse’s cap, oxfords and geek-chic glasses. Pleats, welt pockets and accents of leather all the contribute to making this an ‘off-the-beaten-path’ yet undeniably chic outfit fit for a true fashionista.


Rajesh Pratap’s Jacket and Skirt Set at AIFW  


  1. Payal Singhal’s Blush Pink Lehenga - The pastel hue, the feminine styling, the embroidery, the silhouette, we certainly loved it all! Payal Singhal pulled off another great show and this beautiful lehenga set has to be our top pick because of the East meets West tailoring! We love the ever so flattering off-shoulder blouse teamed with the dainty ‘kamar bandh’. Payal Singhal’s trademark use of delicate and subtle embroidery along with the use of lustrous silks makes this elegant and ethereal number one to definitely pine for. Pure Perfection!


al Singhal’s Blush Pink Lehenga at AIFW


  1. Anju Modi’s Fairytale Inspired Saree – Tiaras, sneakers, ruffles and pleats Anju Modi’s collection didn't make is choose between our favourite styling! With an interesting melange of oriental influences, western sensibilities and Indian silhouettes, Anju Modi’s Sky blue saree definitely caught our fancy this season. We adore the striped layers and red sprinkles swimming about languidly. Alice in Wonderland meets Indian princess, a must-have for the lovers of all things unconventional.


Anju Modi’s Fairytale Inspired Saree at AIFW


  1. JJ Vallaya’s Russian Inspired Lehenga – The soft drapes of the white veil, Prussian blue set against soft creamy white, this JJ Vallaya’s number is sure made all heads turn. The intricate blue designs set in silk create a mystical mirage as they slowly blend into white much like a mountain range. We love the shift from the conventional warm colour palette to the use of these icy shades but still sticking to Indian aesthetics and sensibilities.


JJ Vallaya’s Russian Inspired Lehenga at AIFW


  1. Malini Ramani’s Tribal Inspired Saree – This Malini Ramani creation conjured up images of a bohemian warrior princess at once in our minds! She managed to create a bohemian saree that was fierce, laid-back and unbelievably captivating at the same time. We love the bottle green drapes against the tan blouse with its wild tribal designs running all over the front. Styled to perfection with the nose ring and juxtaposed saree drapes, this saree makes a bold statement yet possesses a free-flowing hippie vibe at the same time.


Malini Ramani’s Tribal Inspired Saree at AIFW 


  1. Tanvi Kedia’s Kurta-Sharara Set – Hot pink set against bright blue, this might just be our favourite colour combination yet! Tanvi Kedia’s fresh and exciting number is wardrobe essential for any stylish Indian woman. Perfect for almost any Indian occasion, we particularly love the ease with which the silhouette flows as well as the intricate yellow embroidery that contrasts so beautifully against deeper tones! The vibrancy and vitality of this outfit is refreshing, as is the use of the sharara pant (we haven’t been spotting these for a while now).


Tanvi Kedia’s Kurta-Sharara Set at AIFW 


  1. Pankaj and Nidhi’s Dress-top and Pants Set – We sure do love an outfit that is feminine, elegant and still has an edgy touch; this Pankaj and Nidhi number manages to do just that. The clean lines of the silhouette, deep slits, sleek tailored trousers and symmetrical crystal embroidery created a beautiful story that glided down the runway. The ‘dress-top’ was a refreshing change in terms of silhouette and the perfectly tailored high wasted trousers beneath made for a grand and ever so flattering outfit, suitable for almost every body type.


Pankaj and Nidhi’s Dress-top and Pants Set at AIFW 


  1. Namrata Joshipura’s Sequinned Jumpsuit – Sultry and unbelievably sexy, this grey and black embellished jumpsuit oozed sex appeal effortlessly. The plunging neckline, structure and silhouette of this ensemble makes it one hell of a lust worthy piece (we’re thinking NYE already). It was all in the little details; the use of triangles and stripes created a three dimensional effect which we absolutely loved. Cheers to Namrata for creating this risqué number that still has an air of elegance and sophistication.


 Namrata Joshipura’s Sequinned Jumpsuit at AIFW


  1. Gaurav Gupta’s Lustrous Midnight Blue Saree – The man has create quite a stir for the last few years wowing audiences with his bold, edgy and statement-worthy designs and he’s done it again! We love how he used the same fabric throughout, structured drapes and interesting folds creating a balance between opulence and simplicity. A cocktail gown in the true sense, a definite must have this season due to it’s versatility and refined elegance.


Gaurav Gupta’s Lustrous Midnight Blue Saree at AIFW


10. Ritu Kumar’s Imperial Lehenga Set – Ritu Kumar’s finale piece was anything but ordinary! Fit for a queen, this richly embroidered Lehenga set in magenta and dull gold was a feast for the eyes. A true Indulgence, this dazzling set is created for a bride that truly understands and appreciates luxurious fabrics, finer details and eternal style. We can’t set our eyes off this ethereal number, can you?


Ritu Kumar’s Imperial Lehenga Set at AIFW


Image Credits: FDCI