Fashion Pakistan Week Watch List

Posted December 01, 2014

We’re all guilty of loving a good model strut-pose-pout, but it was so refreshing to see the pretty faces of Fashion Pakistan Week Autumn/Winter 2014 because it's the only council that gives Pakistani Designers a platform to strut their stuff, twice a year just like the major global brands.  Last week’s 3 day show, filled with opulent sparkle, great silhouettes and lashings of style was overwhelming in the best way possible and Team VIVA-LUXE are still reeling from all that fab. Here’s a rundown of the top 5 trends at this year’s annual fashion parade.



A/W collections always seem to favour dark, mysterious colours, but how do you make your collection stand out from the crowd? Ayesha Farooq Hashwani ribboned hers with intricate dull-gold baroque motifs, and sheer fabrics to contrast the heaviness of these velvet pieces. We love the sassy trousers that seem a no brainer for the festive season’s work-to-play days - if it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it, eh?


Ishtiaq Afzal Khan’s androgynous jodhpur-esque Aurora line too caught our eye. Bright colours and soft tailoring made his dhoti salwars pop, and have us dreaming up a hoard of fusion looks for the coming winter months.



Capes and jackets, an A/W staple, had a breath of fresh infused into them. Dresses were covered by capes and embroidered jackets made of sheer and solid material, all embroidered with intricate patterns. But these conventional wardrobe pieces were kept current through the use of sharp shapes and tailoring with neat cuts, pleats and folds and kept ever-so-soft through the use of lush velvets. 


Our favourite looks from Fashion Pakistan Week



Third timer Amna Aqueel led the way for this stark pairing with her evolving colour palette. Her models started with white and as the collection was unveiled, it moved to black with only dashes of colour in the middle which acted as a foil to her simple yet stylish cuts. Inspired by demure clothes from the Victorian era, she modernises them with sexy cutouts, gold and sharp silhouettes.


Monochrome is a big trend from Fashion Pakistan Week


Sadaf Malaterre’s collections are usually as flamboyant as her last name but this time, the edgy designer stuck to a minimal colour palette, although that didn’t stop her from setting the ramp on fire! Using delicate fabrics like chiffons and silks, her varied collection showcase much simpler designs- predominantly boxy western cuts and A-line maxi skirts. Even her fringe was monochrome- now that’s some serious commitment! 



A little bit of madness goes a long way, and we’re only too happy to hop on for the ride! FWP day 1 was opened by Sana Safinaz’s prodigy Ather Ali Hafeez, whose bold floral prints, embroidered textures and mismatched accessories showed just how fun fashion could truly be! Her ‘70’s bohemian vibe, although not appropriate for the colder months, was youthful and we want it all. As well as a beach holiday. And some fruity cocktails, thanks for asking.   


Our favourite looks from Fashion Pakistan Week


Nida Azwer impressed with her digitally-printed fabrics that made up her Renaissance collection. Minimal bling was used but the grandeur and charm of the old-world gone by were reflected in the detailed fabric and the richness of colour. Her collection was a wonderful example of how Indo-Western fusion should be done.



Aalish Manzoor’s electing pairing of oriental flowers with metallic trimmings made for a fantastic collection. His use of pastel colours as a neutral base allowed him to get away with this unusual pairing. We especially love the lilac two-piece, just look at that attention to detail!


Our favourite looks from Fashion Pakistan Week


Maheen Karim’s showstopping dress, far right, was well worthy of a finale look! The voluminous poof and burgundy base gives it a timeless feel, but what really caught our eye were the leafy belts and floral lace she used on her dresses- tres, or shall we say tree chic?


All 23 designers were a delight to watch; here’s hoping we’ve helped you stay fashionable this coming season!



Photo credits: Ali Chaudhry, Javeri