Why We'll Always Love the Saree

Posted June 28, 2014

Why we love the saree

Sensual, traditional, exotic – the list of adjectives to describe those six yards of fabric that make up a saree, are endless. Rightly so, as once you’re done draping it to perfection, the end result is striking. Can you blame us for that unconditional love affair we seem to have with the humble saree?

Just like every other piece of clothing, every few years, the sari gets a makeover. The concept remains the same; the end result sticks with the time.

So without any further delay, here’s why we continue to love it:


1. It’s Timeless

No matter what the occasion, if it’s formal, daytime or full on glamour a saree is an equivalent of The LBD or classic evening gown – with one except unlike the other two, a saree is something you can pass on to your daughter. It’s an heirloom.  


 Anita Dongre Pink Designer Saree


2. It Upgrades

A saree doesn’t go out of style – ever. It simply gets an upgrade. It goes from new fabrics to new drapes and blouses to keep up with the times.

Vikram Phadnis Black Saree


3. It Let’s You Get Creative

Layer it with an embroidered jacket or throw on a leather belt on your waist. Just because it’s traditional, doesn’t mean you can’t experiment.


4. It Makes You Feel Sexy And Royal At The Same Time

Who said you need a crown to feel like a princess? A saree is fit for a queen and  contains the capability to make the wearer feel instantly regal. It adds that sprinkle of sexiness to the look all at once.


Seema Khan Blue Designer Saree

5. It Gets Easier Every Time

Our Designers are constantly creating and experimenting. The introduction of pre-draped sarees and the saree gown can even convert the most traditionally averse women to reconsider.

It’s an outfit that’s been in a women’s closet for generations and it’s never going to get old. Have we convinced you yet?


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