Mira Taylor

Posted June 28, 2014

Designer Mira Taylor

Haute couture designer Mira Taylor was born to design.  From making her first bespoke pieces from the tender age of 10 to studying classic design and then applying this at several London Creative Houses, Mira Taylor has gone from strength to strength designing bespoke red carpet gowns, wedding outfits and cocktail saris.  Now we’re proud to bring her ready-to-wear ‘Seven’ range exclusively to you at VIVA-LUXE.


Named after her son, ‘Seven By Mira Taylor’ is a collection of some of Mira’s hottest, in-demand designs, updated with a new twist and now ready-to-wear.  In every seasonal ‘Seven By Mira Taylor’ collection there will always be 7 unique designs where each piece has something beautiful to be seen.


This fledgling range centres around three limited edition batik silk prints that inspired Mira in Uttar Pradesh, India many years ago.  Whether it's the way the piece is draped, the intricate detailing or just how it complements the Goddess which it adorns, each piece is ‘wearable art’, retaining the craft of Couture Wear yet is easy-to-wear with clean lines and flattering silhouettes.  


So all that’s left to do is find the Seven By Mira Taylor piece that calls out to you, your lifestyle and mood…and wear it with panache!


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