Shehla Khan

Posted June 26, 2014

Bollywood Designer Shehla Khan

With her father rubbing shoulders with Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani and her aunt a fundamental cog in the Indian embroidery industry, is it any wonder that Shehla Khan has become one of the biggest fashion names not only in Bollywood? 


Given her family’s background in hand work and fabrics, Shehla’s mastery is rooted in bringing exquisite and delicate fabrics like Swiss tulle, Indian silks and Italian chiffon to life by combining them with intricate embroideries.  


Whether it’s dressing Sonam Kapoor for Cannes or Bollywood starlets Kajol, Jacqueline Fernadez or Priyanka Chopra - Shehla has put her London College of Fashion and Milan training to fabulous use!


So if you love soft, sophisticated shapes in pretty, powdery shades for that timeless look of pure femininity, then look no further than VIVA-LUXE Designer, Shehla Khan. 


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