Saree Trends 2016: Tips to Try

Posted April 04, 2016

Swati Kalsi at LFW
We wave good-bye to both Lakme Fashion Week and Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 16, but we can't leave such a feast for the eyes without just a little goody-bag of treats can we? And here it is; our top 10 styling secrets that we've stolen fresh from the ramp to help you spice up your sarees. Try them at your next event this summer!

1. The Wrap-Around-the-Neck Pallu

Ever struggled with getting the pallu pleats perfected? Yup, so have we. So why not take a leaf out of Malini Ramani's style book and make that messy bo-ho look part of the charm. 

Malini Ramani at AIFW
Malini Ramani at AIFW

I Am Design at LFW
I Am Design at LFW

2. The Statement Head Gear 

Who says that hats and fascinators are only for Western weddings? Fashion new comer Pinakin Patel definitely bucks this trend by making these gorgeous floral headpieces as show-stopping as his sarees in his midsummer night's dream themed show. 

Pinakin Patel at LFW 2106
Pinakin Patel at LFW

3. The Floaty Cape Choli 

If Bollywood films are anything to go by, we'd be forgiven for thinking that choli blouses need to be super tiny and super tight. Not any more. These lovely styles are floaty, summery and ever so flattering if you're concerned about your midriff. 

Manish Malhotra at Lakme 
Manish Malhotra at LFW

Jayanti Reddy at LFW
Jayanti Reddy at LFW

Anavila at AIFW
Anavila at AIFW

4. The Fitted Blazer

Every summer wedding ends with a chilly evening reception. The good ole' cardigan doesn't really cut the mustard over that designer silk number, but these snazzy metallic jackets are just the ticket. We particularly like Hemant Agarwal's styling of the pallu outside of the closed jacket. As you can see with the leather jacket look - the key is a tight, cropped coat here.  

Anant Khabra at LFW

Hemant Agarwal at LFW

Hemant Agarwal at LFW

Doubt is out at LFW

Doubt Is Out at LFW

5. The Over-Sized Saree Pleats

Seems obvious now, but the saree pallu usually has the best design, so why do we hide it in multiple tiny pleats and pins? Designer Gaurang is one step ahead. 

Gaurang at LFW

Gaurang at LFW 16
Gaurang at LFW

Rahul Mishra at LFW

Rahul Mishra at LFW

6. The Knotted Pallu  

We love what Vaishali S did during the A/W season here with knots to secure the pallu. Equally though, you could use a broach or a decorative circular hair clip clasped around the pallu.  

Vaishali S at AIFW
Vaishali S

Vaishali S at LFW

7. The Double Choli 

Why have one choli top when you can have two? That's exactly what Payal Singal has done in her range. Over a tight fitting spaghetti top, she layers a sheer cropped tee, again borrowing from that on trend floaty style. 

Payal Singal
Payal Singal at LFW

8. The Boob-Tube Choli

Swinging the pendulum the other way are designers Swati and Sunaina, using contrasting boob tube tops. You could try combining any bikini bandeau top here. 

 Swati and Sunaina

Swati and Sunaina at LFW

Swati and Sunaina at LFW

9. The Belted Waist 

We saw some of this at the end of Autumn / Winter 2015 but now the belt has gained prominence. Gone are the skinny, delicate jeweled belts. Try adding definition to your outfit by adding a wide, figure hugging belt. Not only will it give you a lovely silhouette but it will help your saree feel more secure.

Doubt is out at LFW
Doubt is Out at LFW

Raw Mango at LFW
Raw Mango at AIFW

10. The Shortened Saree Drape 

Last but not least we love what Swati Khalsi did with our waredrobe favourite - simple but truly eye catching - just tuck it in more. No more dirty hemlines, whilst looking effortlessly elegant and fashion forward. 

Kalsi at LFW

So there you have it, our top ten styling secrets to spice up your saree this summer! Don't forget to share them with your besties for instant in-the-know fashion brownie points. Happy experimenting!

Image Credits: LFW, AIFW.