20 Celebs You Never Thought You'd See in a Saree

Posted March 24, 2016

Iggy Azalea in Saree

We all know that women look GREAT in sarees, but did you ever expect to see the likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna, Samantha Cameron or Audrey Hepburn in one? Neither did we. Despite how tricksy they are to wear sometimes, a saree never fails to have wow factor and here are 20 celebrities who've also jumped on the trend.


1. Oprah Winfrey 

Entertainment queen Oprah, discovers what Asian girls have known since the dawn of time - sarees are a curves' best friend.


Oprah Winfrey in Saree


2. Nicole Scherzinger

We reported on it at the time, and shared this shocking pink saree as worn by Nicole during the Grand Hinduja Wedding. 


Jennifer Lopez in Saree 


3. Pussy Cat Dolls 

For the promotion of A.R. Rahman's Jai Ho, The Dolls donned their sarees once more. 


Pussy Cat Dolls in Saree


4. Shakira

With it's short choli top and figure hugging drape, the saree is made for the toned abs of singer Shakira as this shot from one of her gigs shows.


Shakira in a Saree 


5. Eva Mendes

Hot on the heels of Shakira for title of best non-desi in a saree could be Eva. 


 Eva Mendes in Saree


6. Samantha Cameron 

Our very own 'First Lady' wore this conservative number on a recent visit with husband and UK Prime Minister David Cameron to visit Indian PM Narendra Modi.  


 Samantha Cameron in Saree


7. Victoria Beckham 

From Political Royalty to Pop Royalty, this former Spice Girl has more than cut her fashion teeth now and knows her way around the international fashion scene.


Victoria Beckham in a Saree


8. Gisele Bundchen 

The Brazilian supermodel known for her body, still looks smokin' almost covered up.


Gisele Bundchen in Saree


9. Shashi Kapoor  

We really didn't expect to see this celebrity in a saree. Ok it's not exactly a saree. But when Shashi Kapoor donned a fully embroidered shalwar kameez, we bet he would've trended if Instagram had been around.


Shashi Kapoor in Saree 


10. Elizabeth Hurley 

We're seeing a bit too much of this 'celeb in a saree' for our liking, but good ole' Liz has always loved to make headlines and this braless number is no exception.


Elizabeth Hurley in Saree


11. Naomi Campbell

She's walked the ramp many a time in nine yards of loveliness. But where this supermodel differs is that she actually wears them 'off duty' occasionally too, not just 'for work'.


 Naomi Campbell in  Saree


12. Julia Roberts 

Julia looked right at home when she wore this green and gold saree for the filming of Hollywood remake of 'Eat, Pray, Love'. She's also been known to wear them just because she loves them and has been muted to be a follower of Hindu traditions.


  Julia Roberts in Saree


13. Madonna

 A true chameleon, this is one celebrity probably did expect to see experimenting. Madge is no stranger to style shifts. 


 Madonna in Saree 


14. Lady Gaga

This is one style icon that likes to 'mix it up' to varying degrees of success. This classic ivory saree is a definite 'thumbs up'.   

 Lady Gaga in a Saree


15. Audrey Hepburn

Ah always, ahead of her time. When Audrey wore this cream saree with nearly invisible she definitely set the trend for others to follow. 


Audrey Hepburn in Saree 


16. Pamela Anderson

Known for the orange Baywatch swim suit, this demure angelic saree suits her just the same. 


Pamela Anderson in Saree 


17. Anna Kournikova 

Whilst not the best attire for a game of tennis, looking like this will get this tennis ace a whole different kind of love-game-set-and-match!   


Anna Kournikova in Saree 


18. Jessica Alba 

Here's Jess performing a scene from the Mike Myers Hollywood movie "The Love Guru".


Jessica Alba in Saree 


19. Paris Hilton

This millionairess really does look a million dollars in traditional dress.  


Paris Hilton in Saree 


20. Shah Rukh Khan 

Last but not least, wait, it's no saree, but we're pretty sure that SRK usually wears the trousers!


Shah Rukh Khan in Saree



Image Credits: Getty, Instagram, Google.