How to Wear a Saree

Posted March 14, 2016

How to Wear a Saree - The VIVA-LUXE Guide

The desi girl in you loves a good saree. It could be traditional, sexy, minimal or innovative. But how do you get it right every time? When you do, the best part is the end result; you’ll always end up looking great. So just follow our tips for saree success!



Let’s start with the petticoat


The petticoat is something that looks like a skirt and comes with a drawstring – which is important because your petticoat needs to be super snug and rest on your hips, under your bellybutton. A great one ends at your ankle – no longer, no shorter. Make sure the shade of your petticoat is in the same colour family as your saree, so in case it peeps out, no one will be the wiser. Another option is leggings. A lot of fusion ‘concept’ sarees tend to opt for this like this one from Papa Don't Preach.


 Leggings on a Concept Saree


VIVALUXE Tip: Tie the drawstring of your petticoat to one side of your hips and not in the middle. That way the canvas of your saree is bump free and ready to drape over.



Now pick out a blouse.


We say ‘pick out’, because we live in a time when your blouse doesn’t need to be your saree’s identical twin. As long as it has a few common elements (maybe the same colour family or an eye catching embroidery), you’re good to go! 


VIVALUXE Tip: Anything goes. As long as you carry the theme through we’re all good. We’re big fans of mix and match sarees and blouses and just having fun with it as our Anita Kanwal sarees do. It shows confidence and panache.


Mix and Match Blouses



Next up, your shoes.


Once you have your slip and blouse on, make sure you put on the shoes you’re planning to wear with the saree. The length of your saree can be fixed only once your shoes are on. After that, you can start draping.


VIVALUXE Tip: If you’re up for it, sneaker wedges make for an interesting option under your saree. The shoes don’t show too much, and sneakers would make your saree experience a whole lot comfier, especially if you’re planning on dancing the night away.



Now start tucking.


And this brings us to the slightly more complicated part. Once you’ve read this, you should be a pro, so here goes! Start tucking in your saree around your petticoat from the right side of your hips. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on the length; the saree should just about cover the toe of your shoes.


VIVALUXE Tip: Get a friend to help if it’s your first time!


 Wrap around body



Ready, set, pleat!


When you’ve finished one circumference of tucking, leave about an arms-length of fabric in front of you and keep it aside for later. Take the bit of the saree left in the middle around your body again, and then start pleating the pallu (the free end of your saree). Your pleats go from outside to inside and are the length of your palm. You can adjust the number of pleats depending on how much drape you want over your shoulder. Once that’s done, carefully place the left over material it over your left shoulder – the end of the saree should end just below the back of your knee.


How to Wear a Saree


Remember that arms length of material you left in front of you? Start folding that into a concertina about 10 inches wide, and tuck that in front of you, under your belly button. This is the bit that will sashay beautifully as you walk.


 Tuck in Pleats - How to Wear a Saree


VIVALUXE Tip: Be neat, maybe using a pin to hold your concertina pleats together. This is one of the parts that could make or break your look! If all else fails look into a saree that's pre-pleated.



Finishing touches.


People generally use pins to keep their folded pleats and pallu in place. Make sure you don’t go overboard. Safety pins peeking out of your saree are a complete no-no. Papa Don’t Preach has come up with a quirky alternative – jeweled magnets! You can just clasp them between your blouse and pallu, or your petticoat and pleats and they don’t dampen your style!



Still overwhelmed?


Ladies, it’s 2016. There are so many ways to wear your saree that suit you. Check out some of VIVA-LUXE’S easy to wear concept sarees. The options are endless and none of them involve the full nine yards. Pick one and go with it, they can be as comfortable as you like and they look just as good. Most important of all, you need to be comfortable. Stop fidgeting, and have fun. You’re the most gorgeous woman in the room and your saree looks great!